Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Capital West Advisors adds to investor introduction network

Capital West Advisors increases investor network with 100 new Venture Capital firms and 15 new angel investor networks. Capital West Advisors now has a total of approximately 950 Venture Capital firm contacts and 100 Angel Network contacts. CWA has established these new contacts through a combination of networking, telephone introductions, and correspondence, with the intent of expanding its database to include any new VC firms that have been formed over the past year.

VC & Angel Network Identification: CWA identifies the venture capital firms and angel networks in our database, whose investment criteria aligns with your business model. CWA will indicate how many firms and networks this amounts to. The average company will meet the investment criteria of 100-200 venture capital firms and 10-20 angel networks. After CWA has identified the number of venture capital firms and angel networks that have the potential to show interest in the investment opportunity, you will be able to elect how many venture capital firms and angel networks you would like to submit your business plan to. CWA will price you according to a pricing plan that can be viewed at the company website: www.capitalwestadvisors.com

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investx said...

This is great news to hear. I will keep this company in mind when I look to raise capital for my next startup.