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Capital West Advisors Details the Components of a Comprehensive Business Plan

Capital West Advisors, which was founded in 2006, has developed several hundred business plans for clients from a wide array of industries. Capital West Advisors is led by a Management team of highly experienced investment bankers, consultants, and business planners. Capital West Advisors business plans are all fully customized from beginning to end. Capital West Advisors uses a team of at least one Managing Director, one Associate, and one financial planner for every project. The following are the components of a comprehensive business plan:

Executive Summary: The Executive Summary is the first section within the business plan or can be a stand-alone document. An Executive Summary is typically 3 to 5 pages and summarizes the key sections within the business plan and consists of only the most important and relevant information of the Company Overview, Market section, Marketing Plan, Management Team, and Financial Summary. (Note: A condensed business plan can also be referred to as an Executive Summary if it is under 20 pages in length).

Company Overview: The Company Overview focuses on the Company’s mission, Company history, and key strengths. Capital West Advisors typically includes a Mission Statement, Company Description, Value Proposition of the Business, Industry Background, and Business & Growth Strategy. The Value Proposition of the Business details all of the ways that the Company will offer value to its customer base. The Business & Growth strategy is a detailed growth plan on a 5 year basis that is typically organized in 2 to 4 stages of growth.

The Market: The Market section that Capital West Advisors develops typically consists of a Market Analysis, Target Market Analysis (or Target Consumer Profile Analysis), Local and/or National Demographic Information, Profile of Direct Competitors, Competitive Analysis, and Competitive Strategy. The Market Analysis is an assessment of the demand of a particular market, the projected demand within a particular market, and the recent past demand of a particular market. Capital West Advisors uses its direct access through subscriptions to market research databases to gather very current and comprehensive market research for any industry and anywhere around the world.

Products and/or Services: The Products and/or Services section should provide detailed information regarding each product and service that the Company will offer. This section should also contain the corresponding pricing of each product and service. Capital West Advisors will alternatively label this section “The Technology”, “The Website”, “The Business Model”, or “Food & Drinks” for relevant business models. Capital West Advisors will also include information on Intellectual Property in this section where relevant.

Marketing Plan:

The Marketing Plan is an essential component of the Business Plan that describes the company’s overall marketing and sales strategy. Capital West Advisors will develop a comprehensive marketing overview & strategy that plans the emphasis that will be placed on different forms of marketing as the company grows. Capital West Advisors typically includes internet advertising, radio advertising, television advertising, direct mail, public relations, promotional strategy, affiliate marketing, and promotions as marketing methods. Capital West Advisors carefully develops the marketing and sales campaign in accordance with the overall branding & pricing strategies.

Management & Staff
This section discusses the positions and biographies of each member of the Executive Management team. This section can also include an organizational chart.

Operations Plan:

The Operations Plan develops and organizes each of the key elements that comprise the company’s daily operations. Although every business is different to varying degrees, these elements can include hours of operation, office/facility layout, inventory control, maintenance, distribution, manufacturing, sales & billing, legal & insurance, accounting, and supplies.

Financial Plan:

The Financial Plan and Corresponding Pro-Forma Financial Statements are crucial elements when negotiating with investors or applying for a commercial/SBA loan. CWA develops defensible revenue, expense, growth, and capital requirement assumptions to project the five-year Pro-forma Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, and the Balance Sheet.

Capital West Advisors develops these financial assumptions during the preliminary business plan along with preliminary revenue and expense projections. Once the client reviews the business plan, then we proceed to further develop the financial statements.

Capital West Advisors uses a monthly breakdown I Year 1 and Quarterly in Year 2 through 5. Capital West Advisors also includes a Financing & Growth strategy section that provides a comprehensive financial strategy that details the capital requirements, stages of funding, risk analysis, and exit strategy.

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